Caisson Consultant - 1990 Casagrande C6 leftside control panel

1990 Casagrande C6 leftside control panel

  • Stock#: CA-0236
  • Year: 1990
  • Make: Casagrande
  • Model: C6
  • Hours: N/A
  • FOB: Fidenza, Italy

Class weight: 13 tons

Fully overhauled and able to work for the next 20 year.
- Diesel engine model F6L 912.
- Feed travel fitted for 3 mt long drill rods.
- Max pull back force: 6,3 tons.
- Rotary head model t1000 6V; max torque 1100 kgm; max speed up to 530 rpm.
- Double clamp with passage 254 mm.
- Drilling control panel on articulated arm.
- Complete with jet grouting predisposition on the rig (jet grouting accessories not included).

Fully overhauled and repainted
- Brand new hydraulic pumps
- New hydraulic hoses
- New electrical system
- Hydraulic oil substituted
- Crawler overhauled
- Mast, rotary head, clamps, rotary cart, hydraulic cylinders, overhauled
- New pins and bushings
- Every single part of the rig is repaired with the disassembled part
- Every part is repainted when disassembled

1) Jet grouting kit composed by: hydraulic chuck, 2 mast extension, rotary cart, chuck control panel (Inquire about price)
2) Hydraulic drifter kit model D21 in order to drill self drilling bar (this drifter kit can be installed or disinstalled from the rig according to the type of job) (Inquire about price)