Caisson Consultant - Casagrande C7 2008
  • Stock#: CA-0204
  • Year: 2008
  • Make: Casagrande
  • Model: C7
  • Hours: 6710
  • FOB: Quebec


Serial Number: C7ZO0118

Undercarriage with tracks driven by hydraulic motors coupled to planetary reduction gears.

-width of track shoes: 500 mm.

-length of crawlers: 3628 mm.

-travel speed: 0 - 1,5 Km/h.

-ground pressure: 6,60 N/cm².

Soundproofed power pack with TCD 2012 L06 2V Deutz diesel engine rated

power 147 kW (198 HP) at 2300 rpm. Fuel tank 350 l. Two main hydraulic

variable displacement piston pumps capacity 200 + 200 l/min., 280 bar max.

working pressure. One auxiliary, variable displacement piston pump capacity 64

l/min., 280 bar max. working pressure. Oil tank 700 l.

Completely radio remote controlled.


Fabricated steel mast, swivel mounted to a heavy duty support arm. Mast

movements are by means of hydraulic cylinders which give good all round



Fabricated steel mast, 12160 mm long.

- 10520 mm stroke of the rotary head with fixed clamps.

- crowd force: 80 kN.

-extraction force: 80 kN.

-max. crowd/extraction speed: 45 m/min.

The head trolley is driven by a chain controlled by a motoreducer.

Rotary head type T2000.

The head is designed for the application of a drive sleeve, optional D21 top

hammer, P114 or P200 hydraulic chucks.

Main features of the rotary head are:

- two variable displacement motors.

-max. rotation speed: 220 rpm.

-max. torque: 17,9 kNm.

-through-hole passage: 200 mm.

Drive sleeve arrangement with external springs

2" air or water rear swivel.

T2000 rotary off-hole movement.

Blocking and break-out clamps type M5/M5S.

-working dia. range: 90 - 406 mm.

-clamping force: 250 kNm.

-break-out torque: 45 kNm.

Set of inserts dia. range 89 - 339 mm for M5/M5S clamps.

405 mm dia. centering device.

Reduction dia. 89 mm for 405 mm dia. centering device.


A2 type hydraulic service winch:

-line pull: 20 kN.

Rope for A2 type winch.

Jib for A2 winch.

Water pump type Gamma 202.

Jet timers system.

Extensions for stabilizers.

24 l oiler.

Hydraullically operated 3-way valve, 2".

Tool box.