Caisson Consultant - Olin Pumps (6)
  • Stock#: OP-0297
  • Year: Variety
  • Make: Olin
  • Model: Variety
  • Hours: N/A

Each picture has a number in the top, left corner that corresponds with the numbered stats!!!!

1)     2007 Olin 1575 Concrete Trailer Pump
One owner line pump in very good condition with new wear-parts, recent service and Statewide Transferable CARB Permit.
Capacity: 78yds/hr.                         Outlet: 5”
Max Agg: 1.5”                                  Engine: Duetz 138HP
Hours: 2,400                                     Remote: Radio

2)     2006 Olin 15-55 Concrete Trailer Pump
Clean S-Tube line-pump in job-ready, good overall condition.
Capacity: 60yds/hr.                         Outlet: 5”
Max Agg: 1”                                     Engine: Duetz 97HP
Hours: 2,408                                     Remote: Radio

3)     2005 Olin 565 Concrete Trailer Pump
Hardly used, very low hour ball-valve pump in exceptional condition.
Capacity: 68yds/hr.                         Outlet: 4”                         
Max Agg: 1/2”                                 Engine: Duetz 100HP
Hours: 300                                        Remote: Radio

4)     2006 Olin 5-100CA Concrete Trailer Pump
Clean, low hour, high-performance pump for Cast Auger Pilings in good condition.
Capacity: 110yds/hr.                      Outlet: 4”
Max Agg: .5”                                    Engine: 116HP
Hours: 530                                        Remote: No

5)     2002 Olin 545 Concrete Trailer Pump
Very clean, Millenium Series ball-valve line pump in good, ready-to-work condition.
Capacity: 53yds/hr.                         Outlet: 4”
Max Agg: 1/2”                                 Engine: Duetz 74HP
Hours: 2,897                     

6)     2010 Olin SC-25 Refractory/Shotcrete Pump
One owner, high-performance, 1,235psi, swing-tube line pump in very good condition.
Capacity: 26yds/hr.                         Outlet: 3”
Max Agg: 3/4”                                 Engine: Duetz 74HP
Hours: 2,009                                     Remote: No